The Goat Milk Cheese Competition is a yearly event at the ADGA National Convention. Awards are given that include rosettes and gift certificates. More importantly, winners gain credibility for their products that are likely to increase future sales. For more about the Goat Milk Cheese Competition see the rules, classes, entry deadline and entry form >>

2018 Cheese Competition Judges

Dr. Lucia Sepe

Dr. Lucia Sepe (Potenza, Italy)

Dr. Sepe currently serves as Vice President of the International Goat Association (IGA) and is a researcher for the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics, Research Centre for Animal Production and Aquaculture in Bella Muro, Italy.

Dr. Sepe has an extensive background in all aspects of goat livestock husbandry and cheese making. Some of her experience includes managing a training center for planning and direction of cheese making training courses and serving as the editor of two Italian magazines about cheese culture. She has also taught cheese quality and sensory evaluation in companies and schools since 1994.

Her academic history is too lengthy to list, but among her courses are “Cheese Taster” from the National Organization Of Cheese Tasters, Italy (ONAF) and “Cheese Panel Leader” graduate from Industrial Services & Training, Italy (UNIS&F).

In addition to many scientific publications, she is the author of a book about cheese addressed to children, “Il formaggio raccontato ai bambini”. Two sessions at ADGA’s Annual Convention will give you the opportunity to meet Dr. Lucia Sepe and talk about the book “Atlas of Goat Products”, she edited for IGA.

Dr. Steve Zeng

Dr. Steve Zeng (Langston, Oklahoma)

Dr. Steve Zeng is a Professor, Dairy Product Specialist and Chairman of the Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources at Langston University, Oklahoma. He has conducted more than seventy cheesemaking workshops throughout the USA as well as several foreign countries. You’ll find his name mentioned in connection with many other cheese competitions.

Dr. Zeng originates from China where, from Jiangxi Agricultural University, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. From there he went on to earn his Master’s in Dairy Manufacturing and Doctorate of Philosophy in Food Technology in the USA.

Apart from a couple years as a Food Scientist & Research and Development Manager for a corporation, Dr. Zeng has worked with Langston University. His roles have ranged from a Dairy Extension Specialist and Food Technologist in the early 90’s to his current position as Professor and Dairy Product Specialist.

In addition to judging the ADGA Goat Milk Cheese Competition, Dr. Zeng will be presenting a workshop on Goat Milk Safety and Pathogen Testing Using PCR.

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