Youth Photo Contest


First Place

Michael Simpson

Second Place

Audrey Miller

Intermediate I

First Place

Sophie Tedesco

Second Place (Tie)

Emma Hutchinson

Second Place (Tie)

Alicen Lee

Intermediate II

First Place

Kalina Deans

Second Place

Teddy Haffey


First Place

Sara Celeen

Second Place

Anneliese Yanez

Youth Essay Contest

Topic: How is raising dairy goats preparing you to be a leader and/or an asset to your community?

Intermediate I

First Place : Emma Hutchinson

Second Place: Joel Remjin

Intermediate II

First Place: Theodore Haffey

Second Place: Londyn Simpson


First Place: Anneliese Yanez

Second Place: Carly Lang



1- Emma Hutchinson

2 – Maria Funk

3- Karoline Dininny

4- Lilly Reininghouse

5- Annika Streeter


1- William Carlson

2- Alexa Lanam

3- Koralee Dininny

4- Brianna Burton

5- Wyatt Wadams


1- Alicia Bohren

2- Stella Dearing

3- Marina Legere

4- Cade Cockburn

5- Katie Burton

Educational Team Contest (Jeopardy)

First Place

ADGA Trebeks (Showmanship)

Second Place

The Offspring (Reproduction)

Third Place

Smartie Goats (Management)

ADGA Goat Cheese Competition

Commercial Best In Show:
Risin’ Creek Mild Cheddar

Amateur Best In Show:
Scott Jenkins – Feta Aged in Brine

Commercial Reserve Best In Show:
Pennyroyal Pepper Maldunes

Amateur Reserve Best In Show:
Richard Grossman-Plain Feta in Brine 

ADGA Bath & Body Products Competition

Best In Show:
Patricia Masters, Deep Run Farm

Reserve Best In Show:
Regina Bauscher, Honey Sweetie Acres

Best Gift Basket:
Nicole McChesney, Mountain Essentials

Erie Canal Art Contest

Best In Show:
Pixie Dust
By Triana Douglas, Winona, MN