Goat Milk Bath & Body Competition

The American Dairy Goat Association 2019 American Fresh or Powdered Goat Milk Bath and Body Care Products Competition is now closed. This competition will be open to all soap makers again in October 2020.

Rules for Entry | Competition Classes

2019 Competition Details

Awards and Entries

Awards and $200 & $100 cash prizes will be given for the Best in Show & Reserve Best in Show in both the Basic Bath Care Products & Creative Aesthetics Bath Care Products Divisions. Ribbons will be awarded to 1st – 3rd place winners in each division. Awards of $25, $15 and $10 will be given to 1st – 3rd place winners in each division.

Entries will be judged by Silvia Victory and Marcia McChrystal, both from Idaho.

Entries will be showcased at the Goat Products Reception to be held at 6:00 pm, Thursday, October 17, 2019. Both Convention attendees and the Boise area public will attend this event.

Since this event is intended as a promotion for Goat Milk Products, we encourage producers to include small amounts of promotional materials and distributor information along with their entries. These promotional materials will be withheld during judging and placed with products at the Reception.

All entries in the gift package division will be auctioned during the reception.


A new opportunity for the promotion of goat milk products has been introduced in 2019. See the Goat Milk Products Competition Sponsors

2019 Rules for Entry

  • Only products that include fresh or powdered goat’s milk are eligible to compete in this competition.
  • For entries received by September 19, 2019, the entry fee will be $10.00 per entry. Entries after September 19 will be $15.00 per entry. Gift Baskets are free.
  • Products MAY NOT include pre-made bases; bar soaps MAY NOT be made from melt and pour bases.
  • Bar soaps may include any combination of tallow, lard and/or vegetable oils.
  • Fragrance will be defined as any fragrance oil, combination of fragrance oils, or combination of essential and fragrance oils.
  • Miscellaneous Body Care Product will be defined as a product containing fresh or powdered goat milk that doesn’t qualify for any other classes in this competition.
  • Products may only be entered in classes that they qualify for. If in doubt about a class, contact Karyl Dronen. (bodyshops14@gmail.com or 507-894-4274)
  • Please fill out one entry form for each product entered.
  • All entries will be displayed at the Goat Products Reception.
  • Please send promotional material or placards in shipping container(s) with your product.
  • Please enter using the online form on this page. No other form of entry or payment will be accepted. For more information on the Bath Care Products Competition, contact Karyl at bodyshops14@gmail.com or 507-894-4274.
  • Please send entries without packaging or any other identifying material unless otherwise specified. When entry forms are received, printed labels with unique identifying number and category will be sent to you. Place these labels on each of the products that you are entering in the contest before shipping them.
  • Send one bar of soap or one small individual container of other products, for judging and one normally packaged soap bar or product for display at the reception. Gift packages may contain a combination of any products produced by the entrant plus non product items.


Entry Deadline

Entries for the Bath Care Products Competition must be onsite by 3:00 pm, Monday, October 14, 2019. Remember that Monday, October 14 is Columbus Day! Hand delivery may be made by prior arrangement with the committee.

Those shipping bath care products to the hotel must prominently mark packages “ADGA Bath Care Products Competition” and send packages to:

The Riverside Hotel
Attn: Karyl Dronen
2900 West Chinden Blvd
Boise ID 83714

Entry shipments must be timed to arrive on Friday, October 11, 2019 or Saturday, October 12, 2019 so that it will not sit in a warehouse over the weekend and due to Monday, October 14th being Columbus Day.

  • Packages must include a packing slip containing number of packages shipped and number of items in each box. Please include your company or brand name for the items you have entered.


Bath & Body Products Competition Classes

Bath & Body Competition Classes PDF (Reference when completing Entry Form)

Basic Body Care Products

A. Soap Bar Fresh Goat’s Milk

A1. Essentials or Herbal
A2. Fragrance
A3. Unscented

B. Soap Bar Powdered Goat’s Milk

B1. Essentials or Herbal
B2. Fragrance
B3. Unscented

C. Liquid Soap Fresh Goat’s Milk

C1. Essentials or Herbal
C2. Fragrance
C3. Unscented

D. Lotion Fresh Goat’s Milk

D1. Essentials or Herbal
D2. Fragrance
D3. Unscented

E. Miscellaneous Body Care Product – Fresh or Powdered
Goat’s Milk

Creative Aesthetics Body Care Products Competition Classes

This competition puts emphasis on the creativity of the products, color or colors, how the scent matches the products look and packaging. Special packaging must be included in this division. Packaging may include everything except the producers identifying label. The quality of the bath care product will also be judged as in the above categories.

F. Soap Bar Fresh Goat’s Milk

F1. Essentials or Herbal
F2. Fragrance
F3. Unscented

G. Soap Bar Powdered Goat’s Milk

G1. Essentials or Herbal
G2. Fragrance
G3. Unscented

H. Lotion Fresh Goat’s Milk

H1. Essentials or Herbal
H2. Fragrance
H3. Unscented

I. Lotion Powdered Goat’s Milk

I1. Essentials or Herbal
I2. Fragrance
I3. Unscented

J. Miscellaneous Body Care Product – Fresh or Powdered Goat’s Milk

K. Gift Packages (No entry fee. May include products from all categories.)

Bath & Body Competition Entry Form

The entry form for the 2019 competition is now closed. A form for the 2020 competition will be available in August 2020.

40 comments on “Goat Milk Bath & Body Competition
  1. AMY T HACKBARTH says:


    I’m shipping my entries today and still have not received my labels. What should I do?

  2. Chelsea Chirrick says:

    Question last minute here. So no identity labels such as your logo. This is our first year is this just for those being judged or for both the display ones as well?

    • David Abbott says:

      Hi Chelsea–Your entries should only have the label provided to you by the ADGA Products Committee. This is for unbiased product judging. Please send at least one normally packaged product with your brand labeling for display at the Products Reception.

  3. Amber says:

    Would a goat milk body butter be entered into lotion or misc category?

  4. Vicky Evans says:

    Is there a youth category for lotion and or soap?

  5. Meg Hylton says:

    One more question. How many bars of soap are required to be entered per entry? One? or more?

  6. Meg Hylton says:

    Hi, How many entries are allowed per class?

  7. Jacy says:

    Hi I have a quick question regarding the packaging in the aesthetics class. It says special packaging is required? I guess I don’t understand this part. What exactly does this mean?

    • David Abbott says:

      Hi Jacy–Packing is of main importance in the aesthetics class. This class puts emphasis on the creativity of the products, color or colors, how the scent matches the products look and packaging. Packaging may include everything except the producers identifying label.

  8. Karen Stark says:

    Another question… the instructions above state that the items should be scheduled to arrive on Oct. 11 or 12.

    It almost looks like that only applies to hotel shipments… or is it all shipments?

    Because above that, it says they must arrive BY Oct. 14 (a holiday).

    So my question is, if I don’t have perishable items, can they arrive prior to the 11th, or do I have to send them for delivery on a particular day?


    • David Abbott says:

      Hi Karen–Items should be scheduled to arrive on October 11 or 12 if they are being shipped. The deadline is October 14, so if they are being hand delivered it is OK to wait until then.

  9. Mary Gray says:

    I would also like to know the criteria for judgement for the basic body care soap.

  10. Erica says:

    Is this only for bar soap? I make some dessert themed soaps and I’m wondering if those are allowed?

  11. Vickie Robinson says:

    “The quality of the bath care product will also be judged as in the above categories.” This is mentioned in the creative section, but no where can I find on what criteria the soap is being judged??? What is the criteria the judges will be looking for in the soap?

    • David Abbott says:

      We have not published the judging sheet. It does look for things like alkali, rancidity, hardness, color, foam, usage and afterfeel. Aesthetics also evaluated packaging, fragrance and creativity.

  12. Karen Stark says:

    My products are made with goat milk yogurt… does that count as “fresh goat milk” or would it be in “misc.”… or…?

  13. Jill says:

    Do we need to attend the convention to enter the competition?

  14. I have developed a fresh goats milk all-in-one shampoo/body wash. Would this go in the miscellaneous category?

    • Karyl Dronen says:

      The body wash would be in misc category

      • Jana says:

        Hello, do specialized soaps such as face, shaving, etc. go under misc or the regular bar soap category?
        And do the judges have a shave brush available for use in judging shave soap lather? Thank you!

        • David Abbott says:

          Hi Jana–Specialty soaps should be entered in the miscellaneous category. The judges will have a shave brush. Is boar or badger hair better in your opinion?

          • Jana says:

            Thank you David! I think we like the badger best, the boar shed more and seem a little more rough. But I know there are different opinions among shaving aficionados, and quality varies among both types. I bought my husband an excellent handmade badger one for Christmas last year and it is fabulous

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