Goat Milk Cheese Competition Results 2019

The American Dairy Goat Association 2019 Goat Milk Cheese Competition was held in Boise, Idaho during the ADGA Annual Convention. The competition was judged by cheesemonger, Gordon Edgar of California and professional food designer, Sarah Masoni of Oregon.

Commercial Results | Amateur Results

Commercial Entry Results

Best In Show Pennyroyal Farm Reserve Boont Corners
Reserve Best In ShowShepherd’s Whey Creamery Crescendo
Unflavored Soft Cheese Bulk or Tub
1Hidden Creek Farm Plain Chevre
2Risin’ Creek Creamery Chevre
3Mojave Gold Inc Chevre
Unflavored Soft Cheese Molded or Formed
1Stickney Hill Dairy Plain Chevre
2Mojave Gold Inc Crescenza Style
Flavored Soft Cheese Bulk or Tub
1Latte Da Dairy Mango Tango Chevre
2Pennyroyal Farm Blueberry Laychee
3Risin’ Creek Creamery Strawberry Cream Chevre
1Pennyroyal Farm Fennel Pollen and Pink Peppercorn Laychee
2Thomas Farm Chive Chevre
3Mojave Gold Inc Chipolte Chevre
Flavored Soft Cheese Molded or Formed
1Stickney Hill Dairy Wild Blueberry
2Stickney Hill Dairy Honey flavored
3Stickney Hill Dairy Cranberry Cinnamon
3Stickney Hill Dairy Cranberry
1Pennyroyal Farm Pepper Moldunes
2Hidden Creek Farm Garlic Dill Chevre
3Hidden Creek Farm Sundried Tomatoes and Cracked Black Pepper
Unflavored Surface Penicillium Candidum Mold Ripened
1Ruggles Hill Ada’s Honor
2Shepherd’s Whey Classic Camembert
3Noble Springs Dairy Harpeth Fleur
Unflavored Surface All Other Mold Ripened
1Ruggles Hill Ellie’s Cloudy Down
2Ruggles Hill Hanna’s Awashed
3Pennyroyal Farm Bollie’s Mollies
Flavored Surface Penicillin Candidum Mold Ripened
1Ruggles Hill Claire’s Mandell Hill
2Ruggles Hill Alys’sEclipse
3Latte Da Dairy Argento Capra
Blue Veined Cheese Exterior Molding
1Pennyroyal Farm Boonter’s Blue
Unflavored Feta
1Shepherd’s Whey Creamery Greek Style Feta
2Noble Springs Dairy Unflavored Feta
3Kimberly’s Best Feta
Unflavored Semi-Soft Cheese
1Shepherd’s Whey Creamery Crescendo * Reserve Best in Show*
2Pennyroyal Farm Log Lifter
3Shepherd’s Whey Creamery Winter’s End
Flavored Semi-Soft Cheese
1Risin’ Creek Creamery Roasted Garlic
2Risin’ Creek Creamery Triple P Gateway
Unflavored Hard Cheese
1Pennyroyal Farm Reserve Boont Corners *Best In Show*
2Hildene Goat Dairy Hildene Goat Tomme
3Latte Da Dairy Cabra
Flavored Hard Cheeses
1Latte Da Dairy Cotzwold
2Latte Da Dairy Cabra Romero
3Kimberly’s Best Smoked
1Noble Springs Dairy Fudge
2Risin’ Creek Creamery Original
3Caprikorn Farms LLC. Chocolate Almond Goat Cheese Truffles
1Hidden Creek Farm Olive and Roasted Red Pepper Goat Cheese Crumbles
2Hidden Creek Farm Curried Paneer
3Hidden Creek Farm Tomatillo and Green Chilies Goat Crumbles
Gift Basket
1Gift Basket - Pennyroyal Farm

Amateur Entry Results

Best In ShowHammock Farm Oaxaca
Reserve Best In Show Teresa Gregory Bloomy Rind
Unflavored Soft Cheese
1Teresa Gregory
2Julissa Nord
3Lunar Magick Chevre
Flavored Soft Cheese
1M’s Sagebrush Acres Trudy Losey
2Kathleen Burke Garlic Dill
3M’s Sagebrush Acres Trudy Losey
1Twisted Acres Farm Caramel
2Twisted Acres Farm Caramel
3Teresa Gregory
1Hammock Farm Oaxaca *Best in Show*
2Teresa Gregory Bloomy Rind *Reserve Best in Show*
3Hammock Farm Midland Blue

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