Goat Milk Cheese Competition Results 2021

The American Dairy Goat Association 2021 Goat Milk Cheese Competition was held November 9-11, 2021 in Tucson, Arizona during the ADGA Annual Convention. The competition was judged by Marc Bates of Canon Beach, Oregon and Tami Parr of Portland, Oregon.

Commercial Results | Amateur Results

Commercial Entry Results

Best In ShowPotomac SunriseShepherd’s Whey
Reserve Best In ShowBeet and MintShepherd’s Whey
Categories & Winners
Unflavored Soft Cheese
1LaycheeErika McKenziePennyroyal Farmstead
2ChevreSarah WilliamsBees Knees Farm
3ChevreNicolette GrillMojave Gold Inc
Flavored Sweet Cheese
1Laychee w/BlueberryErika McKenziePennyroyal Farmstead
Flavored Savory Cheese
1Beet and MintSuzanne BehrmannShepherd’s Whey
2Chevre w/Garlic/ChivesSarah WilliamsBees Knees Farm
3Laychee w/ChivesErika McKenziePennyroyal Farmstead
Surface Ripened Cheese Unflavored Penicillium Candida
1Snow ButtonSuzanne BehrmannShepherd’s Whey
2No award
3Velvet SisterErika McKenziePennyroyal Farmstead
Surface Ripened Cheese Unflavored All Other
1Bollie’s MolliesErika McKenziePennyroyal Farmstead
Blue Veined Cheese
1No award
2No award
3Boonter’s BlueErika McKenziePennyroyal Farmstead
Semi-Soft Cheese Unflavored
1Potomac SunriseSuzanne BehrmannShepherd’s Whey
2No award
3Two Month Boont’s CornersErika McKenziePennyroyal Farmstead
Hard Cheese Unflavored
1Reserve Boont’s CornerErika McKenziePennyroyal Farmstead
1Goat Milk PopsiclesStacy RousselAll We Need Farm
2CaramelSarah WilliamsBees Knees Farm

Amateur Entry Results

Best In ShowFarmsteadTatiana Deters
All Other Goat Milk Cheese
1FarmsteadTatiana Deters
2BlueTatiana Deters

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