Goat Milk Cheese Competition Results

The American Dairy Goat Association 2018 Goat Milk Cheese Competition was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota during the ADGA Annual Convention. The competition was judged by Dr. Steve Zeng, Langston, OK and Dr. Lucia Sepe, Potenza, Italy.  Learn more about these highly-qualified judges >>

Commercial Results | Amateur Results

Commercial Entry Results

1.Unflavored Soft Cheese Bulk or Tub
1. Chevre Risin’ Creek CreameryTim VanZant
2. Plain Chevre Thomas Farm Jim Thomas
3. Plain ChevreStickney DairyAllison Lenzmeier
2. Unflavored Soft Cheese Molded or Formed
1. Plain Chevre Grazy Valley Julie Mauer
2. Chevre Gothberg Farms LLCRhonda Gothberg
3. Fresh ChevreHidden Creek FarmsPamela Barry
3. Flavored Soft Cheese Bulk or Tub
1. Strawberry CrèmeRisin’ Creek CreameryTim VanZant
2. Mango Tango ChevreLatte Da DairyAnne Jones
3. Chocolate Cherry Risin’ Creek CreameryTim VanZant
1. Roasted Garlic and HerbRisin’ Creek CreameryTim VanZant
2. CajunRisin’Creek CreameryTim VanZant
3. Nicolau Farms Lavender HoneyNicolau FarmsWalter Nicolau
Flavored Soft Cheese Molded or Formed
1. Cranberry CinnamonStickney FarmsAllison Lenzmeier
2. HoneyStickney FarmsAllison Lenzmeier
3. Pumpkin Chevre Stickney FarmsAllison Lenzmeier
1. Garlic and DillHidden Creek FarmsPamela Barry
2. Hoja Santa Mozzarella CompanyPaula Lambert
Unflavored Surface Penicillium Candidum Mold Ripened
1. Velvet SisterPennyroyal FarmErika McKenzie-Chapter
2. Ada’s HonorRuggles Hill CreameryTricia Smith
3. Harpeth FleurNoble Springs DairyJustyne and Dustin Noble
Unflavored Surface All Other Mold Ripened
1. Ellie’s Cloudy DownRuggles Hill CreameryTricia Smith
2. Bollies MolliesPennyroyal FarmErika McKenzie-Chapter
Flavored Surface Penicillin Candidum Mold Ripened
1. Claire’s Mandell HillRuggles Hill CreameryTricia Smith
2. Alys’s EclipseRuggles Hill CreameryTricia Smith
3. Adair’s FollyRuggles Hill Creamery Tricia Smith
Flavored Surface All Other Mold Ripened
1. Ode To JoyRuggles Hill CreameryTricia Smith
2. Hanna’s AwashRuggles Hill CreameryTricia Smith
Blue Veined Cheese Exterior Molding
1. Boonters BluePennyroyal FarmErika McKenzie Chapter
Flavored Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
1. Onion and DillTurkeyfoot Creek CreameryDel Burkholder
Unflavored Feta
1. Plain FetaTriple Creek DairyBrendia Kempf
2. Feta in OilRisin’ Creek CreameryTim VanZant
3. FetaMozzarella CompanyPaula Lambert
Unflavored Semi-Soft Cheese
1. Boont Corner VintagePennyroyal FarmErika McKenzie-Chapter
2. Goat Milk CheddarRedwood Hill FarmSharon Bice
3. BriedaTurkeyfoot Creek CreameryDel Burkholder
Flavored Semi-Soft Cheese
1. Smoked Goat CheddarRedwood Hill FarmSharon Bice
Unflavored Hard Cheeses
1. CabraLatte Da DairyAnne Jones
2. GoudaTurkeyfoot Creek CreameryDel Burkholder
3. CaerphillyGothberg Farms LLCRhonda Gothberg
Flavored Hard Cheeses
1. Pepper JackLatte Da DairyAnne Jones
2. CotzwoldLatte Da DairyAnne Jones
3. New Mexico green ChileGothberg FarmsRhonda Gothberg
3. Festivo MontasioMozzarella CompanyPaula Lambert
Unflavored Yogurt
1. Plain Goats Milk YogurtRedwood Hill FarmSharon Bice
Flavored Yogurt
1. Blueberry YogurtRedwood Hill FarmSharon Bice
Unflavored Fermented Milk
1. Plain Goats Milk KefirRedwood Hill FarmSharon Bice
Flavored Fermented Milk
1. Vanilla Goats Milk KefirRedwood Hill FarmSharon Bice
1. Goat Milk Caramel Vanilla Risin’ Creek CreameryTim Vanzant
2. Goat Milk Caramel CinnamonRisin’ Creek CreameryTim Vanzant
3. FudgeNoble Springs DairyJustyne and Dustin Noble
Gift Basket
1. Gift BasketPennyroyal FarmErika McKenzie-Chapter
Best In Show
Ellie’s Cloudy DownRuggles Hill CreameryTricia Smith
Reserve Best In Show
Boont Corner VintagePennyroyal FarmErika McKenzie-Chapter

Amateur Entry Results

Unflavored Soft Cheese Molded or Formed
1. Plain ChevreLunar Magick FarmKathy Poindexter
2. ChevreTrinity RoseArden Ward
Flavored Soft cheese Bulk or Tub
1. No placing
2. Carmelized Leek QuarkMeadowwild FarmBarbara Adams
Flavored Soft Cheese
1. Garlic Dill and ChiveLunar Magick FarmKathy Poindexter
2. Honey WalnutTrinity RoseArden Ward
3. Toasted Onion HerbLunar Magick FarmKathy Poindexter
Unflavored Semi-Soft Cheese
1. ColbyIsidore MeadowsDeborah Whaley
2. CacciotaSummer Solstice FarmHiede Potter
Unflavored Hard Cheeses
1. No placing
2. CheddarIsidore MeadowsDeborak Whaley
3. Little mountain CheddarVilla Mir FarmCaroline Kovac
Flavored Hard Cheese
1. No placing
2. Olive Oil rubbed rind CheddarMeadowwild Farm Barbara Adams
Unflavored Fermented Milk
1. No placing
2. Plain KefirTrinity RoseArden Ward
1. FudgeCasey ProchniakCasey Prochniak
2. Goat Milk CaramelWilliam HenningHonomu Goat Dairy
3. Macadamia Nut CaramelWilliam HenningHonomu Goat Dairy
Best In Show
ColbyIsidore MeadowsDeborah Whaley
Reserve Best In Show
Garlic Dill and ChiveLunar Magick FarmKathy Poindexter
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