Lot #14
Purebred Toggenburg Buck – PT2301954
DNA – Sire Qualified
Consigned by Tracey Jones – Moss Ridge Purebred Toggenburgs

Sire: GCH Royal Cedars Sebastian Caliber
5-01 EX 93 EEEE

Paternal Grand Dam:
GCH Royal Cedars Cocoa Bean 3*M
8-03 EX 93 EEEE
5-10 305 3215 103F 85P
5th 2019 ADGA National Show
2017-18 All American

Paternal Sister: GCH Moss Ridge Cal’s J-Vanna 8*M
2-03 EX 93 EEEE
1-00 343 1923 69F 63P
2-01 136 1534 39F 39P (In Progress)
1st/1U 2023 ADGA National Show
1st/1U 2022 ADGA National Show
Grand Champion and Best Udder 2023 Washington State Fair

Paternal Sister: CH Moss Ridge Cal’s Jury
2-03 EX 90 EVEE
4th 2022 ADGA National Show
5th 2023 ADGA National Show

GCH Moss Ridge Jest Javin 5*M
5-05 EX 94 EEEE
3-11 3234 79F 90P
Life: 1966 16,657 445F 456P
2017 ADGA National Champion & Best Udder
2018 & 2019 ADGA Reserve National Champion
2019 ADGA Top Ten

GCH Moss-Ridge Jest Joolz 6*M
2-06 EX 90 VEEE
2-00 299 1955 58F 58P
4th 2019 ADGA National Show

Paternal Aunt:
GCH Royal Cedars Cocoa Euphoria
4-03 EX 90 EEEE

Sire’s Paternal Sister:
GCH Hidden Meadows Kasha
4-04 EX 93 EEEE
3-00 298 3146 96F 96P
Best In Show/Best Udder in Show
2023 Oregon State Fair

Jamar’s Littermate:
Moss-Ridge Cal’s Jaymee
1x JGCH – Dry leg
4th Intermediate Kid 2023 ADGA National Show

Maternal Grand Dam:
GCH Moss-Ridge Dandie Jalea 5*M
7-05 EX 92 EEEE
2009 ADGA Junior National Champion
2nd 2012 ADGA National Show
2nd 2013 ADGA National Show
3rd 2015 ADGA National Show

Maternal Aunt:
GCH Moss-Ridge Jest Jinn 2*M
2-05 EX 91 VEEE
7th 2019 ADGA National Show
Best In Show 2023 Western Idaho State Fair

Dam: Moss-Ridge Jest Jamie
1-05 VG 85 VVVV
Jamie was sold as a 2 yr old 2nd freshener early in her lactation, and then purchased back in 2022 dry. She doesn’t have the data her relatives have for this reason. I only have her yearling milker picture. Jamar was a buck kid I had intended to keep for myself, but he is so closely related to my herd I gave decided to part with him, I have retained his littermate sister Jaymee. For more info on all relatives please visit my website: moss-ridge.tripod.com. Tracey