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Look for registration to be available in September 2020. Follow the American Dairy Goat Association on Facebook or subscribe to email updates to make sure you don’t miss important announcements.

Registration PDF For Viewing ONLY

The registration form below is provided to get an idea of registration options only. Please do not submit this form as it was for 2019 ONLY.

2019 ADGA Annual Convention Registration Form PDF

Hotel Reservations Are Made Separately

To make hotel reservations while you are attending the ADGA Annual Convention, please see Hotel Reservations >>

40 comments on “Convention Registration
  1. Teresa says:

    I didn’t realize that the registration was already closed. I will be attending and want to do the A.I. Classes. Are there still slots available? If so, what will the onsite rate be?

    • David Abbott says:

      Hi Teresa–As far as I know, signing up for the AI classes at the Annual Convention registration office is fine. I’ll let you know if I find out otherwise. The rates are included on the Registration Form PDF on this page for “after 10/02/19.”

    • David Abbott says:

      Hi again–I just confirmed there is no problem signing up at the convention, but you should come with your own AI kit. If you don’t have one, I’m sure one of the vendors such as BIO-Genics will have what you need.

  2. This will be my first time attending, and I am unsure about the registration – is this what is needed to get into the convention? I was hoping to come for Thursday and Friday – can I still register when I get there on Thursday or does it have to be done at the beginning of the week? I also was interested in a class that has a fee associated with it (LA on Friday – although I am planning to only audit) – is it too late to sign up for those classes as well?

    • David Abbott says:

      Hi Kari–Registration will be available at Annual Convention each day in the Quiet Bar from approximately 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Registration is necessary for attending the workshops. Registration at the convention should be adequate for auditing the Linear Appraisal workshop. It will be held at an off-site location. You can find all the rates on the registration PDF form on this page.

  3. Nicholas Schmitt says:

    What if we only wish to attend saturday of the judges training conference as an auditor? is there a 1 day option?

  4. Diane Freund says:

    never done this before i am a member can family come or is it just the member??

  5. I downloaded the application to look at the prices and noticed a conflicts of the times for AI classes. The advanced AI class is showing on the application for Thursday from 8-12 and one of the hands on slots also has that time listed. I assume the advanced AI class time is incorrect as on the website schedule that is listed for Weds 1-5 pm. Just wanted to let you know so you could correct that. Also, is there anywhere to find a description for intro vs. advanced AI?

  6. lori townsend says:

    Is there a daily charge for the BOD meetings if you do not attend any other activities on those days?

    • David Abbott says:

      Hi Lori–Good question! No, there is no charge for only attending the Board of Directors meetings if no other activities are being attended. A meal also can be attended with only signing up for that meal and not attending the workshops.

  7. Rhonda Crow says:

    Hello David,
    I successfully registered for the convention online (using Chrome). However, it would not let me select/add to my cart the same 3-day option when I tried to register my husband. I cleared my browser history and restarted my computer, but it still did not allow me that selection. Not a big deal because I have downloaded the .pdf and will mail it. Just wanted you to be aware of the issue that I experienced. Thanks!

  8. nina says:

    Where do I find details & costs of classes before I look to register

  9. KAYDEE S MASSEY says:

    If I have a youth that would like to participate for the full week, how do I register her?

  10. Tierra says:

    Is there someone I can call to find out what the price is for Ai classes?

  11. Kimberly Hellums says:

    So just that I get this straight;
    the $50.00 daily fee plus a min. of $25.00 for any workshop that you want to visit?

    • David Abbott says:

      Hi Kimberly–The $50/day fee is only for registration by the day. There are slightly cheaper rates per day for 3 consecutive days or the full week. Most workshops are free with your registration. The 7-8 workshops on the schedule with a * indicate that there is a fee, and those range from $10-$75. Registration will be available by September 18 and will show all the options.

  12. Robyn Gamble says:

    Is there a daily price for those of us that cannot attend the whole week?

  13. Suzanne Paff says:

    When will convention registration be available?

    • David Abbott says:

      We’re working on finalizing the schedule and registration dates this week. The final schedule should be available sometime next week. We should have an estimate for the online convention registration by then as well.

  14. Nicholas Schmitt says:

    What if someone only wants to go for the saturday stuff…particularly the spotlight sale? Also, is there some kind of dress code for the spotlight sale? the pic Ive seen looks kinda fancy.

    • David Abbott says:

      There will be a one-day registration fee. While there isn’t a specific dress code, most people dress at least business casual for the Spotlight Sale and other Annual Convention evening events.

  15. Kim says:

    What is the cost

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