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Sale Over for 2018

For the most recent results see Spotlight Sale Results 2018 >>

The Spotlight Sale is one of two annual dairy goat auctions hosted by the American Dairy Goat Association. The  Spotlight Sale is held during ADGA Annual Convention in October while the Colorama Sale is held during the ADGA National Show in late June or early July.

Attending the sale is free, however, you won’t want to miss the hors d’oeuvres, dessert & champagne reception preceding the sale. Be sure to register for the “Spotlight Sale Reception” or make sure it is included in your registration package when completing your Annual Convention Registration.

While there are spotlights at the sale, the name better describes the scrutiny by which each animal is selected.  Learn more about the Spotlight Sale >>

2018 Spotlight Sale Location

The 2018 Spotlight Sale was held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Bloomington – Minneapolis South on October 20, 2018.  The Spotlight Sale Reception began at 6:00 pm Central Time and the sale followed.

Online & Proxy Bidding Available

To ask questions about bidding or place a proxy bid, please contact the ADGA Association Manager, Shirley McKenzie, at Please include your phone number. Bids will not be finalized until payment arrangements have been made. All bids are held in strict confidence.

Online Bidding was available during the sale through Prepare to bid online now by creating an online bidding account.

Transportation for Winning Bids

Transportation is your responsibility if you win a bid. ADGA has confirmed transportation for routes from Minneapolis to Indiana, North Carolina and Oregon with stops in between. Transportation costs will need to be arranged with the transporter and additional routes will be published as they are confirmed. The contact for questions regarding Spotlight Sale transportation is Spotlight Committee co-chair, Kristi Bozzo-Baldenegro, or Association Manager, Shirley McKenzie.

Sale Order

Sale #Lot #NameBreed/ Gender
13Tempo Aquila HM KevlarAmerican Alpine Buck
212J&M Hideaway PR Silent MaryPurebred Nubian Doe
316Klisse's TF JosephSable Buck
46Starlet Lace Doc KountdownPurebred LaMancha Buck
514Spinning Spider EH HooliganAmerican Saanen Buck
610Wee3Farms HC ImpatiantsNigerian Dwarf Doe
717Legendairy RHBT RingmasterPurebred Toggenburg Buck
813Haycreeks Sandman FlintAmerican Oberhasli Buck
92Kara Kahl Audacity Purebred Alpine Buck
1015FSF General Purple PizzazzAmerican Saanen Doe
115Lucky Star's TD KolossusPurebred LaMancha Buck
1218Harmody Revival One Kiss AwayAmerican Toggenburg Doe
139Aubrey's Acres Keeper's PhaithNigerian Dwarf Buck
144Sweet Dreams Eros RivaAmerican Alpine Doe
1511J&M Hideaway AB American HeroPurebred Nubian Buck
161Chairein Zazzy BoutonniereAmerican Alpine Buck
178Rockin CB RZ Konstant KommentAmerican LaMancha Doe

2018 Spotlight Sale Consignments

LotNameSex RegistrationConsignor
Alpine see photos & pedigrees >>
1Chairein Zazzy BoutonniereBuckA001939368Tony DeMello
2Kara-Kahl Audacity BuckPA1936100Emily Thompson
3Tempo Aquila HM KevlarBuckAA1931307Lauren Acton DVM
4Sweet Dreams Eros RivaDoeAA1951265Kristina Bozzo-Baldenegro & Alison Bozzo-Nichols
LaMancha see photos & pedigrees >>
5 Lucky*Star's TD KolossusBuckPL1936490Donald and Judith Hoy
6 Starlet Lace Doc Kountdown BuckPL1942892Rebekah Clarke
8Rockin-CB RZ Konstant Komment DoeAL1939151Cindy L. and Robert L Silva
Nigerian Dwarf see photos & pedigrees >>
9Aubrey's Acres Keeper's Phaith BuckD1940563Lauren Schifsky
10Wee3Farms HC Impatiants DoePD1940312Shawn Reeder
Nubian see photos & pedigrees >>
11 J&M Hideaway AB American Hero BuckPN1942445Jackson and Madison Noble
12J&M Hideaway PR Silent MaryDoePN1942440Jackson and Madison Noble
Oberhasli see photos & pedigrees >>
13 Haycreeks Sandman Flint BuckAB1947007Morgan Allen
Saanen see photos & pedigrees >>
14 Spinning Spider EH HooliganBuckAS1933851Morgan E. Owen
15 FSF General Purple Pizzazz DoeAS1934517Laura Torbert Kieser
Sable see photos & pedigrees >>
16Klisse's TF Joseph BuckAC1937806Cary Foster
Toggenburg see photos & pedigrees >>
17Legendairy RHBT RingmasterBuckPT1940850Anna Thompson-Hajdik
18Harmody Revival One Kiss AwayDoeAT1942646Abigail Larson
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12 comments on “Spotlight Sale
  1. Greg says:

    Thank you for posting results!

  2. betty says:

    the winning bidders on goats sale price?

  3. Ann Gerard says:

    Wow, what they went for. Shatters my dreams of owning one. It was great watching though. I wish they hadn’t gone off so soon. I thought I could go through and write them down after. I will know better next year.

    • David Abbott says:

      We will publish the sale prices of each one by next week and will also publish them in ADGA News & Events. Don’t be discouraged. Buying a quality pedigree is a shortcut, but it is still possible to own and become a seller of highly sought animals through your breeding program. That’s how many of the breeders in ADGA got to where they are today.

  4. Betsy says:

    Why isn’t there a place on the website for the past years results? Is this something that could happen possibly?

    • David Abbott says:

      Hi Betsy — It could happen in the future. The publishing of the Annual Convention website was just brought into the ADGA office this year. Previously it was done by the host group. There just hasn’t been previous continuity in publishing everything related in Annual Convention in one place.

  5. BETTY HUNTER says:


  6. Scott says:

    List of what the goats brought please

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