Spotlight Sale

2021 ADGA Spotlight Sale

The Spotlight Sale will be held Saturday evening, November 13, 2021 at El Conquistador Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.

The Spotlight Sale is one of two annual dairy goat auctions hosted by the American Dairy Goat Association. The  Spotlight Sale is held during ADGA Annual Convention in October or November while the Colorama Sale is held during the ADGA National Show in late June or early July.

Attending the sale is free, however, you won’t want to miss the hors d’oeuvres, dessert & champagne reception preceding the sale. Be sure to register for the “Spotlight Sale Reception” or make sure it is included in your registration package when completing your Annual Convention Registration.

While there are spotlights at the sale, the name better describes the scrutiny by which each animal is selected.  Learn more about the Spotlight Sale >>

Click on the Animal Name to see photos and additional details.

2021 Spotlight Sale Consignments

1ToggenburgRoyal Cedars Latte BaristaDoeKaren and Melanie Fergason
2SableKlisse's NSNN PeriwinkleDoeKlisse Foster
3SableKlisse's KCA JaceBuckKlisse Foster
4Saanen*B Springfield-Oaks SSEM NorfolkBuckElizabeth Henning
5OberhasliSir Echo TaycoBuckSandy Van Echo
6NubianCA Blackberry's HRL LunetteDoeThanh, Elizabeth, Belle, and Winny Duong
7NubianBlissberry KO ChippendaleBuckSara Koehn-Walberg
8NubianJacobs Pride 4Ever Remember MeDoeDeborah Emholtz
9Nigerian DwarfLil Miss B Haven Quiet MysteryDoeBentley Carter
10Nigerian DwarfWee3Farms D PosedonBuck Shawn and Wendy Reeder
11Nigerian DwarfCastle Rock Sunthin SpecialBuckSarah Hawkins
12LaManchaLove Acres KV LunaDoeTania Love
13LaManchaM's Sagebrush Mai SupergirlDoeMarshall Losey
14LaManchaRockin-CB AM NeboDoeCindy L Silva
15LaManchaGoat-San Oh Geeze!BuckTrinity and Andrew Malmanis

2021 Spotlight Sale Location

The next Spotlight Sale is scheduled for November 13, 2021 at El Conquistador Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.

Online & Proxy Bidding Available

Details for online bidding have not been completed, but instructions will be posted here prior to the sale.

Transportation for Winning Bids

Transportation is your responsibility if you win a bid. The contact for questions regarding Spotlight Sale transportation is Spotlight Committee co-chair, Kristi Bozzo-Baldenegro.

Spotlight Sale Results

See Spotlight Sale Results >>

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