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The ADGA Annual Convention is a great venue to showcase your business to an audience deeply invested in the dairy goat industry. Many vendors return year after year offering the attendees great shopping opportunities. We hope you will consider being a vendor this year.

All individuals or companies at ADGA Annual Convention selling products must rent vendor space and pay the appropriate fee. Each vendor is responsible for a permit and any state sales tax. Any and all raffles held at the ADGA Annual Convention will be limited to those which are approved to directly benefit Annual Convention fund raising.

Vendor Spaces and Fees

Commercial Vendor: Area available at $100 for a 6 foot long X 30 inch wide table. This space includes one table and two chairs. Additional tables are available at $75 each.

Home Craft Vendor: Area available for handmade crafts, soap or similar items for a fee of $100 for a 6 foot long X 30 inch wide table. This space includes one table and two chairs. Additional tables are available at $75 each.

Educational/Informational Display: Available at $100 for 8 foot display area with a table and two chairs. (Non-secure area.)

Breed Organization Displays: Area available for a fee of $50 for one table and two chairs. (Please note if you need a secured area.)

Electricity: There will be no additional charge for electricity.

Download a Vendor Reservation Application

ADGA Annual Convention Vendor Application PDF

3 comments on “Vendor Information
  1. Ken Feaster-Eytchison says:

    Hello, Vendors can set up on Sunday after 9pm or Monday . We prefer every vendor to stay through the event if possible. Please feel free to reach out to me with specific questions or concerns using the Contact Form

  2. Lindsey Di Febbo says:

    I was asked about coming and doing a vendor event with my Scensty biz. Do we keep things set up for the full 5days

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