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2022 Annual Convention Schedule PDF



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  1. ADGA says:

    Hi Lorena — Right now the only Annual Convention event that will be available remotely is the Spotlight Sale live streaming and online bidding. If there are any changes, we will announce it.

  2. Is there any part of the convention/educational courses going to be video taped or transcribed for those of us unable to attend?

  3. ADGA says:

    Joan Dean Rowe, DVM may be contacted for additional information. The speakers and topics are posted here:

  4. Is there a fee for the AASRP program? Is their lecture schedule available yet?

  5. ADGA says:

    Hi Stacey — Workshops associated with the AASRP Continuing Education may include online participation. Watch the AASRP schedule page for details:

  6. Stacey Lent says:

    I am interested in Thursday repro topics but cannot attend in person. Will there be written or web based proceedings I could purchase??

  7. ADGA says:

    Hi Lora — Vendors may stay for any portion of the convention. Please indicate the dates on the application so the area will be reserved and not assumed to be a no-show if arriving later in the week.

  8. Lora Kniffin says:

    Do vendors have to be there the entire convention or can they come for the last four days?

  9. ADGA says:

    Hi — The Covid protocol for the ADGA Annual Convention will follow the guidelines for ADGA Covid-19 Policy for Events and Shows:

  10. tuffy says:

    Is there an (indoor) covid protocol at all during this conference?
    Will there be mask and vaccine requirements so attendees can be more assured of safety? Thanks

  11. ADGA says:

    Hi Lacey — Your request has been forwarded to Annual Convention organizers. If there are any changes, the schedule will be updated.

  12. Lacey says:

    If there is any chance that a soap or lotion fee workshop gets added to Saturday morning agenda I am interested.

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