Spotlight Alpines

After extensive scrutiny by the ADGA Spotlight Sale Committee, the following Alpines have been selected for the 2018 ADGA Spotlight Sale. For an index of all Spotlight Sale consignments see: ADGA Spotlight Sale >>

Lot 1 – Chairein Zazzy BoutonniereLot 2 – Kara-Kahl AudacityLot 3 – Tempo Aquila HM KevlarLot 4 – Sweet Dreams Eros Riva

Lot 1 – Chairein Zazzy Boutonniere

Chairein Zazzy Boutonniere (Buck) AA1939368
Pedigree: ADGA Genetics | Performance Pedigree PDF

Consignor: Tony DeMello

Supporting Relatives


Dam: SGCH Chairein Nimi Beignet
3-11 305 5650 3.0 169 3.1 176
3x Top #1 2016 & 2017
3rd place 3yr 2015 National Show
Supreme Total Performer California State Fair 2018

Dam: SGCH Chairein Nimi Beignet
Rear Udder July 2018

Granddam: SGCH Chairein Van Brie
7-10 304 5350 3.5 188 3.0 163
Life time :2143 days 33962 1065 964
5 X Top Ten #1 2014
1st place age doe 2015 National Show
2015 National Show Total Performer
Grand Champion 2012,2015 California State Fair
Supreme Total Performer 2014,2015,2016,2017 California State Fair

Maternal Sister: Chairein Sexy Baguette
VG88 VEEE @2yr 1st Lac.
2-00 177 2800 3.3 93 2.8 79 inc.
proj. 305 4284 144 122

Paternal Granddam : GCH Nixon’s Showy Zheila
4-10 305 4920 3.5 189 3.0 160
Lifetime 200 8days 27473 946 846

Full Sister to Sire: SG Chairein Sedric Zandra
6-00 305 5249 3.8 202 3.5 194
Top 10 2016, 2017 #2 milk 2017
Dam of Chairein Y K Zenieth
Sr. herd sire at Chairein
August 2018 Elite Buck List #6 over all
#1 fat lbs #1 Fat%

Lot 2 – Kara-Kahl Audacity

Kara-Kahl Audacity (Buck) PA1936100
Pedigree: ADGA Genetics | Performance Pedigree PDF

Consignor: Emily Thompson

Supporting Relatives


Dam: GCH Kara Kahl PGL Arugula 8*M
1st and 3rd Udder placings at the 2014 and 2016 National Shows
Best Udder in Show 3 times at the Minnesota State Fair, 2015, 2016 and 2018

Full Sister to Audacity: GCH Kara Kahl PGW Akebono 9*M
3-03 EX 92 (EEEE)
1st place milking yearling 2016 National Show
BOB and Best Udder in Show 2018 Iowa State Fair
GCH and BOB 2018 Minnesota State Fair

Dam and Daughter:  (L) GCH Kara Kahl PGL Arugula 8*M , (R) GCH Kara Kahl PGW Akebono 9*M
Dam and Daughter Minnesota State Fair 2018

Granddam: SGCH Kara Kahl Sauvignon Aware 7*M
7-04 EX 92 (EEEE
3rd/3rd Udder Age doe at 2012 National Show
BOB/GCH at Minnesota State fair 3 times and Best Udder in Show at 7 years.

Milking Daughters of Dam: GCH Kara Kahl PGL Arugula 8*M
Arugula milking daughters at the 2018 National Show

Get of Sire: Pleasant Grove Zen Wingding
Senior Get of Sire, 2018
1st place Sr. Get Minnesota State Fair
2018 Alpine Premier Sire

Lot 3 – Tempo Aquila HM Kevlar

Tempo Aquila HM Kevlar (Buck) AA1931307
Pedigree: ADGA Genetics | Performance Pedigree PDF

Consignor: Lauren Acton DVM

Supporting Relatives


Dam: GCH Tempo Aquila Jing 5*M

Maternal Granddam: SGCH Tempo Aquila Tetrazzini 4*M

3/4 Sister to Dam: SGCH Tempo Aquila Dilettante 6*M

Paternal Granddam: SGCH Tempo Aquila FreeHand 6*M

Sister: GCH Tempo Aquila Mazzei 6*M

Sister to Sire: GCH Tempo Aquila Sailin’ Free 6*M

Lot 4 – Sweet Dreams Eros Riva

Sweet Dreams Eros Riva (Doe) AA1951265
Pedigree: ADGA Genetics | Performance Pedigree PDF

Consignors: Kristina Bozzo-Baldenegro & Alison Bozzo-Nichols

Supporting Relatives


Dam: CH Marran Sailor’s Renaissance
EX92 EEEE 5-04
BDISx8, BUISx3, BOBx5, GCHx10, RGCHx7
BDIS and BUIS 3x at the California State Fair (youth division)
Renaissance was a 2012 ADGA Spotlight Sale consignment

Maternal Granddam: CH Nodaway Sgg Raya’s Rapture
2013 ADGA National Show RGCH
BDISx5, BOBx8, GCHx9, dam of 4 GCH/CH offspring
Rapture was a 2006 ADGA Spotlight Sale Consignment

Paternal Granddam: SGCH Tempo Aquila Living Free
EX95 EEEE 6-04
2015 ADGA National Show GCH & BU
2013 1ST/1ST u 4 yr. old & Alpine Total Performer
2012 ADGA National Show RGCH & RBU
Lifetime 11,991 22645 643 2.8% 588 2.6%
Dam of 2 EX/GCH offspring

Paternal Sister: Shining Moon Fashionista Dancr
EX 90 VVVE 3-02
2nd Place 2018 CA State Fair
2-01 3494, 176, 84. 3-00 120 1867 53 48 IP

Maternal Sister: Sweet Dreams Chrome Rondalla

Maternal Aunts: CH Mar-ran’s Carolina Rayne, CH Marran Rapture’s Renault and CH Marran Rapture’s Rose

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4 comments on “Spotlight Alpines
  1. zandy perez says:

    buen dia como hago para adquirir un lote de esas cabras publicadas?

    • David Abbott says:

      Hi Zandy — You can bid on or contact the ADGA Association Manager, Shirley McKenzie, at with your interest in bidding and phone number. Shirley can help you make arrangements for proxy bidding by telephone. English will likely be required for phone bidding. Transportation will also be your responsibility.

  2. Brenda says:

    How do i join adga? And these are gorgeous alpines!

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