OCTOBER 19th – 25th


What happens at the ADGA Annual Convention?

The ADGA Annual Convention serves as both the yearly convention for the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) and the ADGA Annual Meeting. It is held each October or November and the location is determined one to two years in advance by ADGA Annual Meeting Long Range Committee.

The convention is open to both ADGA Members and non-members alike. The meeting portion of the convention has certain limitation, as would be expected, but the majority of the convention is very applicable to anyone interested in the dairy goat industry and dairy goat products.

The ADGA Annual Meeting begins with the ADGA Board of Directors electing the ADGA Executive Committee for the upcoming year. Then association business is conducted with the newly elected Executive Committee officiating.

Apart from the association meeting, the week is filled with educational seminars, The American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners (AASRP) programming, multiple youth events and hands-on events such as cheese making and AI seminars.

A Banquet and Costume Ball will take place on Thursday evening as well as a champagne and dessert buffet proceeding the much anticipated, Spotlight Sale on Friday night. The Spotlight Sale is one of two premium dairy goat auctions hosted by ADGA annual and is not to be missed.

Please consider participating in one or more of the Annual Convention Competitions. You can learn more about competitions such as the Cheese Competition, Bath & Body Competition, Art Contest, Youth Photo Contest and Youth Essay Contest under the “Contests” menu on this site.


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2024 – Lake Geneva, WI, October 19-25
Grand Geneva Resort