Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the ADGA Board of Directors occurs at the beginning of each Annual Convention.

Annual Meeting October 6-8, 2020

The ADGA Annual Board of Directors Meeting was held through a Zoom meeting October 6 – 8.  Minutes from the meeting will be posted on the Member Services website.

Watch on Member Services

You can watch a replay of the 2020 Annual Meeting on ADGA Member Services page if you are an ADGA member with an online account. See the videos under “Watch Annual Meeting.”

Watching Tips

Privacy concerns require portions of the Annual Meeting to occur in Executive Session. During times where in-person observers would be asked to temporarily step out of the meeting room, an “Executive Session” screen appears on the video and audio is muted. There are also screens showing when the Board of Directors are taking a break.

If you have an ADGA Online Account you may want to login to Member Services and download committee reports under “Committees/Reports.” This will help you understand the work of each ADGA committee and proposals presented during the meeting.

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