Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the ADGA Board of Directors occurs at the beginning of each Annual Convention.

Annual Meeting October 6-7, 2020

The ADGA Annual Board of Directors Meeting will be held October 6-7 from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. The meeting will be conducted on Zoom and will be available for viewing on Member Services. Meeting hours may be extended to October 8 as needed.

(Video is not currently active. The video will be available on Member Services shortly before the meeting starts.)

Watching Tips

ADGA Members are invited to observe the meeting and ask questions during dedicated times. Privacy concerns may require portions of the meeting to occur in Executive Session where members will be asked to step out of the meeting room temporarily. If the meeting is being streamed online, an “Executive Session” screen will appear on the live stream and audio will not be available.

You will need an ADGA Online Account known as “Online Member Services” to watch the Annual Meeting livestream. If you do not have an account it will take a few days to get set up. Learn How to Create an Online Account >>

Once you have an Online Account you may want to login to Member Services and download committee reports under “Committees/Reports.”

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  1. Will committee reports be scheduled for specific times?

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